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Kansas City

Charley Lau Jr.

The Charley Lau method is the same method that Kansas City's hometown batting champion ,George Brett, used when he played and still uses as an MLB coach. Dave represents the best hitting coach the game has ever had. Just ask George. I would not allow him to use my families name if I thought he did not have the knowledge and ability to pass on my father's great philosophy. You can feel confident that the students of this school are in the hands of Charley Lau Sr. and his family. - Charley Jr.

George Brett

Some people think that I could have been the player I was and made it to the Hall of Fame without having met Charley Lau and without using his system of hitting. Well, there's absolutley no way I could have become the player I was without Charley. We threw out everything I'd been taught about hitting and started working on his techniques - releasing the top hand, loading up your weight on your back side, exploding through the ball and the biggest thing, extending your lead arm through the swing. Charley and his system changed my life. 

 I knew Charley Jr. from the time he was a little kid. And he has taken his father's and expanded it. Trust me, this is the only system you will ever need to know in order to hit a baseball - George Brett - Hall of Famer, Kansas City Royals

"The takeoff point in Mark McGwire's rise from inconsistent slugger to burgeoning legend occurred when he adopted Charley Lau's one-handed extension principle."

   - The Sporting News, July 13, 1998

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